I’m Alan McLane Passionate Film Industry Veteran

I am Alan McLane, a seasoned professional with a rich 15-year journey in the independent film industry. My expertise spans Project Development, Film Festival Strategy, Exhibition Assistance, and tailored Curatorial Projects. I’ve held significant roles, including Film Program Associate for Cine Las Americas International Film Festival and Curator and SNS Manager for FILMINATION. My approach is personalized, considering each project’s unique needs and aspirations. I aim to nurture your film from script to final cut, strategize the perfect festival approach, broker rewarding exhibition deals, and design bespoke film series. Let’s elevate your film to unparalleled heights.

"Great cinema is about delivering the unexpected. I help filmmakers transform their unique visions into unforgettable, boundary-pushing cinematic experiences."

What I Do Best


Project Development

I skillfully nurture your film from script to final cut, ensuring cinematic excellence.


Screening and Distribution

I guide your film to the best festival platforms ensuring optimal visibility.



I broker rewarding deals, ensuring your film’s exhibition is a roaring success.



Designing tailored film series for festivals and non-profits, I create bespoke experiences.



Leveraging my strong network, my collaborations bring your film into the spotlight.