Alan McLane

Expertise Beyond Film Boundaries

Alan McLane embodies 15 years of rich experience in the film industry. Specializing in Project Development, Film Festival Strategy, Exhibition Assistance, and tailored Curatorial Projects, he is the guiding compass steering your cinematic vision towards the horizons of success.

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What I Do Best


Project Development

I skillfully nurture your film from script to final cut, ensuring cinematic excellence.


Screening and Distribution

I guide your film to the best festival platforms ensuring optimal visibility.



I broker rewarding deals, ensuring your film’s exhibition is a roaring success.



Designing tailored film series for festivals and non-profits, I create bespoke experiences.




We can build together a great partnership, and  I will help you to optomize and deliver your cinematic vision to the proper audience.

Crafting cinematic brilliance with a strategic and personalized approach.

About Me

I’m Alan McLane.
A Passionate Film Industry Insider

Alan McLane, with 15 years of experience in the independent film industry, is a veteran who thrives on bringing cinematic visions to life. A former Film Program Associate and current Curator and SNS Manager, his wide-ranging expertise in the industry helps filmmakers navigate their journey to success.

"Great cinema is about delivering the unexpected. I help filmmakers transform their unique visions into unforgettable, boundary-pushing cinematic experiences."


What Clients Are Saying

"Thanks to Alan the curation for our first ever digital edition was as high as it needed to be. Alan's ability to network with the filmmakers with warmth, openness and deep interest in their work was a key element in our success in 2020, despite all of the challenges posed by the pandemic, new technology and distance."

JOSEPH SHAHADI Executive Director The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

"Alan is a unique and rare talent with keen insight and in-depth knowledge of the film industry. As Japanese films struggle to break into international markets, he has launched a video content channel on YouTube called Japanese Cinema Vibes. He is a very important bridge between Japanese cinema and the international market."